Many Thanks

by Karl Hitzemann

Thanksgiving is, of course, an American holiday, but giving thanks and saying "thank you" is definitely a universal concept. That's why we have created the song "Many Thanks." It not only gives your singers a chance to express their thankfulness, it also shows them how to say, "thank you" (or "many thanks," "thank you very much," etc.) in eight different languages - Spanish (¡Muchas gracias!), French (Merci beaucoup!), Russian (Spasibo!), Japanese (Domo arigato!), Hawaiian (Mahalo!), Dutch (Dank je wel!), German (Vielen Dank!), and Italian (Grazie!). We've provided you with a pronunciation guide for these on our web site. (See note following.) Keep in mind that our pronunciations might not be perfect, but they will give you a good idea of how it should sound. Of course, you can use other languages if you'd like.

When performing this song you can do as we did on the performance track and use each greeting once - four of them the first time through beginning at measure 10 and four the second time beginning at measure 10. Or, if you'd like, you could say both greetings that are listed (using all eight the first time through), and then repeat all eight the second time through. Whichever way you decide to do it, it might be fun to have a poster made up for each language. Then, whoever is saying that particular "thank you" can hold up the appropriate sign. The audience might get a kick out of seeing the word or words spelled out. For an even more elaborate performance, you could have the kids dress in traditional costumes representing each country and/or hold up a flag for each.

The accompaniment for this song features a rhythm section (including a 12-string guitar), and a wind section comprised of trumpets, trombones, horns, and saxes. The provided piano part is very playable, but the recording really makes the piece and is highly recommended.

Online extras - The free, downloadable MP3 mentioned can be found under the "Graphics and Extras" for Volume 18, No. 2 at

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.