Jingle Jam

arr. John Riggio

This contemporary arrangement of "Jingle Bells" is for rhythm band. We have included jingle bells, rhythm sticks, tambourine, shakers, frame drum, and guiro. If you find you don't have the exact instruments listed, any non-pitched percussion can be substituted. You could also add more instruments and play with the sound to taste.

We've provided a count-off at the beginning since the jingle bells are in at measure 1. There are no more than a couple of patterns for each instrument, and all patterns are one or two bars. The jingle bell part is quarter notes throughout, to create the Christmas vibe. The trickiest part will be the all stop in measure 16. Otherwise the patterns continue as written.

You'll note that the guiro (or "fish") part has articulations. The legato mark is a scrape, while the staccato marks are taps. The combination creates a classic guiro groove.

We've added drum loops and real drums besides our rhythm band instruments, to keep the song moving and give it a funky fresh feel. As always, our studio musicians did a fabulous job laying these tracks down. Thanks, guys!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.