I Think My School's A Spaceship!

by Anne & David Ellsworth

Imagination runs wild in this upbeat, fun song that has kids (and parents on the PTO galaxy planet search committee) thinking their school is actually capable of interplanetary travel. Seat belts in the classroom, aliens in the gym, teachers with their moon boots... What's going on?? The vocal crescendos in the chorus are just the thing to get listeners believing their school just might have enough, um, "strange" things happening that it will definitely have them thinking similar thoughts!

The pulsing bass rhythm throughout mimics the rumble of the rocket engine, while the syncopated riffs are the jolts of the takeoff. All the while, your singers keep the ship steady with quarter note rhythms in the verses. The long, rhythmic crescendos of the chorus should culminate in a fortissimo shout - a feat we're sure you'll have NO trouble getting your performers to accomplish! (They're also great reinforcement for dynamics.) At measure 25, your kids sing the eight bar chorus again, but this time, the repeat adds spoken solo interjections. Phrases like "What?" or "No way!," etc., should model the students' amazement at the newly realized condition of their school.

It's all in good fun, and as you teach your students this tune, you'll want to use the CD tracks because they're filled with great spaceship "fly overs" and cool synths. I think I saw the principal wearing moon boots... and... hey! Are those really ALIENS in the gym? AAAAAAAAH!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.