Surfer Dudes

by Teresa Jennings

This is definitely a just-for-fun song! The unison melody is not particularly difficult, so you can let your singers focus on the more important aspect of the tune: saying "woh." Choose a different person for each occurrence to give more kids a chance to demonstrate their own surfer persona. Our singers had an excellent time doing this. The key is understated excitement. Think "mellow."

We also chose one performer - Abby Wey - to do the ad libbed voice overs during the song. Your "surfer dude" can imitate these totally righteous ad libs, or do his or her own.

On the D.S. at measure 9, there is a mini script. You will need three actors for it. Have them say their lines in such a way as to be done before the pick-ups into 9 on the repeat. During the script, others can be doing a few actions, such as pretending to surf or swim with imaginary or prop surfboards. They could also be dressed in summer/beach costumes that include bathing suits, shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, etc. (Discuss keeping the bathing suits modest.) A simple rocking side to side motion would be okay, too, if you don't want too much activity. Or just doing a swim-like motion with their arms while standing in one place. Or they could use their "boards" to do simple things, like hugging them or pivoting them side to side with the beat. (If you do use boards, plan any action ahead of time so there aren't any collisions.) Surfs up, dude.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.