Be Alert!

by Teresa Jennings

Would you believe that while teaching this song to the studio singers, Teresa actually tripped over the microphone stand in the recording booth? It's true. And of course, the kids picked up on the irony of it instantly, warning her that she should "be alert."

But seriously, folks, this is a topic of merit for our young charges. And fortunately, the song used to teach it is simple, light, fun, and short. So hopefully, they will get it quickly and remember it.

The orchestration is a bit of fun as well. It's done in a slapstick style with muted dissonance and silly percussion. If you do it live on piano, try to at least add a few percussion exclamation points to your own performance as well. Your performers will get a kick out of it.

Note: A few other safety tunes worthy of note and potential programming with a safety theme are "Look, Listen & Live," "Don't Get Burned," "Stranger Danger," "Sidewalkin'," and "Stoplight." Check our Index for more information about these tunes at

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.