Couch Potato

by Mike Wilson

This very humorous (and fun to sing!) song is a tongue-in-cheek encouragement for kids to get away from the TV and go outside for exercise. It's mostly in unison except for the optional two-part descant at the end of the song (measure 35). Let a few talented singers take on this part while the rest of the group continues to chant and/or deliver lines as they occur. Or, let everyone sing the descant (part 2) and leave out the chanting. Either way works.

You can tell by the recording for this tune that our singers really enjoyed it. They chose to sing with a little attitude and a lot of energy, which you can hear.

The band is a real hoot, too! The driving rock 'n' roll beat gets kids up and moving from the first tom-tom hit. The addition of claps answering the chant each time it occurs gets the kids more directly involved with the rhythm - particularly the drums.

But the real fun comes with the scripted spoken solos. Choose different soloists for each one and let them interpret the lines in a personal way as our performers did. Or, choose just a couple of soloists and let them get involved in "acting out" the lines. Have them sit out in front of the group watching a prop TV. Perhaps a girl is holding a remote control and a boy is holding a video game controller. They should look as passive as possible. Until they complain, that is. You could also have your chorus point at them whenever they chant "Couch potato." Keep it light and playful.

Note: One of the lines in the song is "Wade the creek." While it is a very innocent and child-like thing to do, depending on your situation, you may feel it bears discussion. Water-related accidents happen every day and kids need to be alert to the dangers. And speaking of being alert... see the next song in this issue.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.