Composers' Specials, The

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What happens when a fictional child drops into the life of one of the world's great composers? You'll find out in The Composers' Specials.

Bach's Fight For Freedom - Bach follows his dream, helped by his young assistant. (53 min.)

Bizet's Dream - Music sets feelings free in this story of a friendship. (53 min.)

Handel's Last Chance - Handel's career needs a hit, which he finds with the help of a young singer. (51 min.)

Liszt's Rhapsody - Liszt has found great success, but the star pianist learns a lot from a young street violinist. (49 min.)

Rossini's Ghost - View Rossini's pivotal production of The Barber Of Seville through the eyes of a dancer's granddaughter. (52 min.)

Strauss: The King Of Three-Quarter Time - Strauss works with an abused boy and they both learn to trust. (51 min.)

Created by highly respected music educator Betsy Henderson, the teacher's guide offers a variety of lesson plans to accompany the stories in the videos of the series. There are dozens of creative activities plus practical, easy-to-follow listening maps.

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All Six DVDs - The Composers' Specials
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All Six DVDs & Teacher's Guide - The Composers' Specials
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