Deep River - Presentation Kit

From Plank Road Publishing

arr. Karl Hitzemann

Our setting of this beautiful old spiritual is a traditional 3-part mixed arrangement, with two treble parts and a part in the bass clef that works well with boys' voices that have changed or are in the process of changing, and girls with a lower range. You could also choose to do this piece in unison, singing just part 1.

The recorded accompaniment includes piano and strings with a trio (two violins and a cello) playing the three vocal parts. A performance with just the piano accompaniment would also be lovely. This would give you the opportunity to ebb and flow however you wish. The kit includes an alternate unison version with the full recorded accompaniment, a 3-part version with just piano accompaniment, isolated part 2 and part 3 rehearsal tracks, and an a cappella version. The a cappella version really lets you hear the vocal harmonies and just might inspire your singers to try it this way as well. (from Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 3)

Presentation Kits are ideal for virtual or distance learning or for projection in the classroom. Components can be shared with students and parents in Google Classroom and similar platforms. The kits contain:

  • MP4 lyric video timed to the embedded full performance track;
  • MP4 lyric video timed to the embedded accompaniment track;
  • Lyric PowerPoint timed to the embedded full performance track;
  • Lyric PowerPoint timed to the embedded accompaniment track;
  • PDFs of the piano/vocal score, student part, and lyrics

(Run time: 2:51)

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Deep River - Presentation Kit
Downloadable PowerPoints w/ embedded performance/accompaniment audio, MP4s of PowerPoints, and PDFs: 102.3MB
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