Tune Buddies™ - Music Makers

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An Introduction To The Instruments

With this live action series, children will go on a worldwide, magical, musical voyage introducing them to the instruments that make the music. Tune Buddies™ is the perfect introduction to a child's lifelong musical journey. Explore music with host P.J. in these fun segments:

Getting To Know The Instruments - Whether you have a taste for classical music or a hunger for rock 'n' roll, our tuneful chef has got the recipe for making beautiful music. Get to know the musical families and their key instruments.

The Woodwinds - From the gentle call of the flute or clarinet, to the roar of the saxophone, go on a musical treasure hunt and discover the riches of the woodwinds family.

The Percussion - Our ace reporter is on the beat as he goes on location to drum up information on the instruments that make up the percussion family.

The Brass - Blow your horn! What would music be without the brass? Hear trumpets, tubas, and horns of all shapes and sizes. The Keyboards - Join your Tune Buddies Snacks Upright, Sammy Swing, and the gang on an adventure to learn about the keyboards.

The Strings - Go undercover with our crack detective and discover the key instruments of the string family.

DVD Special Features include: Musical glossary of terms, Beginning music theory instruction, Printable coloring pages, and more. (Grades 2-6, 190 min.)

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