Dear Santa (Hal Leonard)

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and Mac Huff

A Musical "Tweet" For Christmas

Join the holiday hi-tech fun with clever songs, hilarious antics, and a full evening of entertainment that will leave your audience in stitches. This musical "tweet" is designed for performers in upper elementary and middle school, and features seven original songs and a script with 18 main speaking parts. The Teacher's Edition is filled with quality performance material including piano/vocal song arrangements with choreography, script, helpful production guide, and teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song. For added value, the ready-to-use student books include songs and script, and will enhance the musical experience. Songs include: I've Got A List, Getting Away For Christmas, Anything But A Tie, I Need Some Wheels, A Puppy For Christmas, Holiday Dance Revolution, and Sincerely Christmas. (Grades 4-8)

(Run time: ca. 40 minutes)

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Dear Santa - Performance Kit
(1 Teacher's Edition, 20 Student Editions, Performance/Accompaniment CD)
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781458434708
Dear Santa - Teacher's Edition
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781458434654
Dear Santa - Student Edition 5-Pak
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781458434661
Dear Santa - Performance/Accompaniment CD
Add to Wish List UPC: 4294967295 ISBN: 9781458434692

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