Creepy Creatures

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse

A Stupendous Songbook Or Preposterous Program For Unison Voices About Animals Who Make Us Squirm!

Okay, how much fun can we have when we sing? These 13 crazy songs about creepy creatures are a blast from beginning to end.

Learn a lot about each one of these critters, their habits, and their habitats. This entertaining collection of songs can be performed individually or combined into a 30-minute program, tied together by having students read the "Animal Factoids" before each song. Song titles include:

  • Creepy Creatures
  • Alligator, Crocodile
  • The Bumblebee
  • Earthworm, Earthworm
  • Eek! A Mouse!
  • Goin' Batty
  • I Sing About The Stingray
  • I Thunk I Saw A Skunk
  • Leapin' Lizards!
  • O Porcupine
  • "S" Is For Snake
  • A Spider
  • Ugh! A Slug!

(Grades 1-6)

(Run time: 30 minutes)

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Creepy Creatures - Teacher's Handbook/CD
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