From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and John Higgins

A Wiggly, Giggly, Squiggly Musical

Ahhh!! Join the wiggles and squiggles as the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Daddy Long Legs, Hook Worm, Snake, and a host of other critters take over the stage. But wait! No need to scream, just listen carefully and you will learn how things that make us squirm can be A-okay! Showcase your young performers in this 20-minute squirmy musical.

The easy-to-learn songs and creative rhyming dialog will make your show a hit with any audience, whether it be a general assembly, a community program, a class project, or evening concert. The enhanced Teacher's Edition/Singer CD-ROM includes piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, a helpful production guide with staging and costume suggestions, teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song, plus reproducible singer parts on the enclosed data disc. Songs include:

  • Squirm!
  • It's Cool To Be A Worm
  • Spinning: A Spider Song
  • A Snake In The Grass
  • Give A Bat A Call

(Grades K-3)

(Run time: 20 minutes)

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