Recorder Classroom, Vol. 2, No. 1

From Plank Road Publishing

Recorders are such a great way to experience music, and Recorder Classroom magazine is an excellent way to teach recorder. This amazing resource provides great new music, state-of-the-art recordings, and lots of variety! Each issue offers many types of recorder music, including Orff arrangements, exercises, warm-ups, technique builders, and lessons designed to encourage creativity. And we keep the National Standards in mind to help you plan your lesson objectives. Every issue also has a wide array of great content available on our web site. There are optional parts, scores, teaching aids, PowerPoints®, and files for color printing and projection.

Regular features include "Recorder Method Energizer" which presents intriguing new settings of tunes and techniques to enhance the learning experience. Another unique feature is the "Virtual Consort" that lets your students experience the joy of playing with a real consort with recorded parts played by professionals. Look for "Idea BAG," a special section where teachers can share ideas and lesson resources with one another. There is also a regular column from master teacher Artie Almeida called "Fun Foundations For Recorders," and other special contributors including renowned recorder guru Norm Sands, a creative teacher and clinician.

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Volume 2, Number 1 - MUSIC: Fanfare For A New Planet; Cloud 10; Scarily We Troll Along; The Way We Roll; Peaceful River; Hungarian Rhapso-B; ¡Viva Chihuahua!; Arrivin'; Dexter's Dance - Consort/Dragon Family Edition; Dexter's Dance - Rockin' Solo Edition; The Big Boing Theory; Artie's First Warm-Ups: Excellent Ears! ARTICLES AND FEATURES: Fun For The Recorder, About The Music, Dexter The Dragon Gets His First Recorder, Dexter The Dragon Teaching Notes, Idea Bag, Recorder Dude Rides Again, Alternate Fingerings.

About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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Sound Samples

Song Title
Fanfare For A New Planet
Cloud 10 - Soprano Recorder
Cloud 10 - Alto Recorder
Scarily We Troll Along
The Way We Roll
Peaceful River
Hungarian Rhapso-B
¡Viva Chihuahua!
¡Viva Chihuahua! - Slow Version
Dexter's Dance - Consort
Dexter's Dance - Rockin' Solo Edition
The Big Boing Theory Starring Zippy Toad
Excellent Ears! - B
Excellent Ears! - A
Excellent Ears! - G
Excellent Ears! - BA
Excellent Ears! - AG
Excellent Ears! - BAG

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