Race To The Finish, A

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse

A Mini-Musical Based On Aesop's Fable "The Tortoise And The Hare"

This is a charming, witty, and whimsical mini-musical based on Aesop's most popular fable. Recreate the famous race between the slow and steady turtle and the over-confident rabbit. A Race To The Finish features five unison and 2-part songs with a simple script. All songs are appropriate and accomplishable for elementary-aged performers. (Grades K-6)

Minimum of 10 speaking parts. Cast of Characters: Narrators (at least 2, up to 15), Hare, Birds, Bear, Mare, Fox, Woodchuck, Tortoise, Animals/Chorus. Cast size can vary depending on needs (add to narrators and/or chorus) from a minimum of about 12-15 characters.

(Run time: 20 minutes)

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