From Hal Leonard

by Cristi Cary Miller and Jay Michael Ferguson

A Rollicking Western Adventure

Join us for a rollicking western adventure. This musical adventure features seven songs with rhyming narration and 39 speaking parts adaptable to various cast sizes and all grade levels. The Teacher's Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, helpful production guide, and digital access to PDFs of singer songsheets, lyric sheets, and narrations. To perform with recordings, there are two options: A Performance/Accompaniment CD is available separately, or for cost-savings, the Performance Kit/Audio Access includes the Teacher's Edition with singer PDFs and digital access to P/A audio recordings. The dialog is not recorded. Songs include: Yee-Haw, Home On The Range In Montana, Giddy-Up, The Cowboy Code, Billy The Bad, Under The Stars, and Until We Meet Again. (Grades 1-5)

Handbook will contain the online access code.

(Run time: ca. 35 minutes)

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YEE-HAW! - Performance Kit/Online Access
(Teacher's Edition with Online Audio & Singer PDF access)
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YEE-HAW! - Teacher's Edition
(with Online Singer PDF access)
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YEE-HAW! - Performance/Accompaniment CD
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