American Composer BINGO

From Plank Road Publishing

by Donald Riggio

An Educational Game and Resource Kit

This unique teaching kit will help you and your students explore America's great composers. The core of this wonderful package is an educationally designed game of BINGO featuring 24 American composers from our entire history. It features everyone from John Philip Sousa to Duke Ellington, from Scott Joplin to John Williams, from Stephen Collins Foster to John Cage, from Leonard Bernstein to Charles Ives, from George Gershwin to Gian Carlo Menotti, and from Cole Porter to Aaron Copland. To get you going, the kit includes 24 different game cards which show all of the composers' pictures as well as a set of calling cards and instructions for play with your students.

The kit includes many other resources, including a special set of reproducible sheets that feature large pictures of the composer along with a short biographical sketch. They can be used as drill cards, as reproducible masters (with full rights to duplicate them for your classes), and as fodder for making special American Composer bulletin boards.

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American Composer BINGO Kit
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