Issue Contents For Volume 14, Number 5


Articles from the Network section of Music K-8, Volume 14, Number 5.

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This Is Our World!

A musical revue assembled by Dan and Judy Crenshaw

Reading song ideas

The lyrics of two songs from Music K-8 can easily be altered to celebrate reading.

Record breaking bulletin board

Character song

A song stressing character, to the tune "Christmas In America"

Sing like this

How to keep students from getting bored as they learn a new song by repetition.

Cooperation makes beautiful music

Bulletin board idea using graphics from

Classroom seating idea

Music standards bulletin board

"My Round Song"

A round by Julie Gaulke

"Welcome The Day"

A short musical composition exercise by Pat Finn

Graduation lyrics

To the tune "This Is America"

Rain Forest Rap

Musical Road Map game

Use this game to help students gain familiarity with musical signs and symbols.

Class warm-up routine

Classroom organization ideas

Composition project

Students compose a tune for the class to play on hand chimes.

Match that pitch

A simple but clever game to help students hear and match a pitch.

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