Share My Smile

by Teresa Jennings

Friends are very important. They make us feel accepted, cared about, and respected. They make us feel like we must be okay if we have friends like them. Everybody needs a friend.

Kids are particularly needy when it comes to friendship. At a time when life can be mystical one moment and overwhelming the next, friends are a stabilizing factor.

"Share My Smile" is a sweet, gentle celebration of friendship. It reminds us to appreciate our friends and to give a part of ourselves back to them.

The light, positive feeling of the tune is established right at the beginning. On the P/A Cassette, a beautiful, improvised soprano saxophone line enters in the fifth measure and weaves in and out of the tune virtually all the way through it. Let your students listen to the accompaniment only side to clearly hear the saxophone. Show them a real picture of a soprano saxophone. Discuss how it differs from the other members of the saxophone family.

The second vocal part, which comes in the second time through the song, is optional. The song can be performed with just one part, though the section at measure 47 is much more effective with both parts. They are very simple at that point, and even one or two singers on the "response" would add a lot.

Let the students listen to the ritard and slower tempo at the end a few times before singing it. They will pick up the feel on their own for the most part, with a little help from you, of course.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.