by John Riggio

"Boom!" was written to be a lighthearted, goofy way to incorporate Boomwhackers® with vocals. No need to look for deep meaning, 'cause there isn't any! We do suggest that you let some students sing the song while others play Boomwhackers® for the best results. Let them alternate to give everyone a chance to play Boomwhackers®.

Starting around measure 13 the second time, we had our singers take turns yelling various incarnations of the word "Boom!" in between phrases. (They seemed to really enjoy this.) You can let your kids do this, too, if you like. Though it is certainly optional.

We've added a synth clavinet guide on the recording playing along with the Boomwhackers® part for reinforcement. But just in case it's a little too much for them, we've also included a simplified Boomwhacker® part in addition to the one you're hearing on the recording. (The simplified version is not on the recording.) We have called this part "alternate" and you will find it on page 53.

While we intend this to be first and foremost a Boomwhacker® piece, this song lends itself well to any percussive instrument you care to add. Have students play rhythm band instruments - sticks, shakers, drums, etc. - with their own made-up patterns to become part of the fabric of the groove.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.