Talkin' About The Moon

by Karl Hitzemann

Isn't it great when a song can be fun to sing and have some educational value? That's just what you get with "Talkin' About The Moon." While the infectious tune and neat accompaniment will get your head bouncing and toes tapping, the lyrics will also throw out a few interesting tidbits of information about the moon – things like, it controls the earth's tides, it circles the earth in about one month, terms such as waning and waxing, the concept of a blue moon, etc. This would be a great starting point to a more thorough discussion on facts about the moon. It could also be a starting point for discussing our exploration of the moon. There are many cross curricular opportunities here, so be sure to let your classroom teachers know. And, of course, be sure to discuss the concept of "the man in the moon."

This song would also be fun in a concert setting. Have your students make cardboard cutouts of the various stages of the moon – full, half, crescent, etc. (don't forget blue!). They could hold them up while they sing the song, or at various points in the song.

Snaps are indicated in measures 5-8, but you could add them other places as well if you'd like. They're easy enough to do and they add a little action.

We've provided a playable piano part with guitar chords, but we highly recommend using the great recorded accompaniment which features piano, guitars, bass, drums, a solo cello, and strings.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.