Sing A Song Of Winter

by Teresa Jennings

This sweet little winter tune is ideal for learning to sing in parts, as most simple rounds are. First, it is performed in unison so that everyone learns/hears the melody. Then, on the repeat, it is sung as a round. Easy. Fast. No frills.

But if you do want a few frills, you can do that, too. We have an optional recorder part that uses the notes G, A, B, and C only. Great for beginners. There is also a very simple percussion part for hand drums and finger cymbals or triangle. The same pattern repeats throughout, so we did not feel a "part" was needed. But we did include the four bars of notation on the recorder part, just in case. On the recording, there is a count-off to help percussionists know when to start.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.