Find A Penny

by Teresa Jennings

There are a few different ways you could use this tune. It is meant to be a learning piece for the B string of the guitar. The four bar melody is played three times (hence the abbreviated part on page 61). But if you also want to use it for chord accompaniment, we have included the chord diagrams for four-string C and G7 chords. Instructions for use are on the music.

Because we know that it's fun to sing while playing guitar, we decided to add an optional vocal part, too. Though we didn't expand it further, you can hear that it could be performed with stacking divisi chords in vocals or even as a round if you're doing it live.

In case you'd like to hear what it sounds like with just the guitars and no vocals, we have a recording of this full version on our web site. There you will also find the TAB version of the guitar line. (See page 75 for details.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.