Volume 21, Number 1

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Praise for Volume 21, Number 1

"Do you all ever rest? How do you come up with these amazing pieces time after time?

  • Love "Jazz"! Love "The Blues"!
  • "Ten Big Pumpkins" is great!
  • "An Autumnish Feelin'" is fabulous!
  • FAVORITE---> "Dance, Dance, Dance"
  • "Goober Peas" is one of my favorites of all times! Love the mouth harp in that one!
  • Oh my... "The Goober Galop"! How fun is that?
  • "Imagine It True" - beautiful!
  • "B is for Butterfly"! Gorgeous, easy piece for recorder!
  • "Bless Our Troops" is a sweet hymn-sounding tribute!
  • Love the duet on "Blueberry Waltz" for recorder.

They are ALL winners!! Thank-you!"

- Nebraska