by John Riggio

Nothing says "magnets" like a spicy Latin groove! Okay, so that's not really true, but it IS true that this magnet song has a spicy Latin groove! We've kept the concept very simple here. Magnets push and pull, and they stick to certain metals. That's pretty much as deep as we go, and while we aren't giving you an exhaustive course in magnetism in this song, it is an excellent way to teach the concept to primary singers. (Which, by the way, stems from your feedback requesting such a song.) You will definitely want to have some magnets at the ready while you sing this one to demonstrate the pushing and pulling effects. And you'll want to let your regular classroom teachers know you have this terrific cross curricular piece to reinforce their teaching. (Seeing may be believing, but singing is remembering!)

The tune is simple to sing, with no syncopations for the melody despite what you see on the piano part and hear on the background tracks. You'll need to pick three soloists to exclaim the metal types in bar 8, and of course have all your singers yell "magnets" at the end.

Movement ideas include: a pushing motion with both hands whenever the word "push" is sung; a pulling motion, like when you're pulling on a rope in a tug-of-war, whenever the word "pull" is sung. Slap hands together (like praying) and hold them there whenever the word "stick" is used. Point index finger towards audience on quarter notes in a semi-circular pattern on the phrase "That's what magnets do."

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.