Rhythm Reader, The (Level 1)

From Hal Leonard

by Audrey Snyder

A Practical Rhythm Reading Course

The Rhythm Reader Level I is now available in one format. The enhanced Teacher Edition includes digital access to student lessons with embedded audio accompaniment recordings for more than 90 challenging reading exercises. Viewed in your browser, there is no need for special software. Designed for choirs, bands, orchestras, and general music classes, The Rhythm Reader promotes quick comprehension with solid rhythm reading resulting in only a few minutes of use each rehearsal. Assuming no prior music reading experience on the students' part, rhythm concepts are introduced logically and sequentially. Optional recorded accompaniments promote high motivation and success for all students. These recordings feature a wide variety of styles and timbres from classical to hip-hop, string quartet to rock, making learning to sight-read fun. (All Ages)

Handbook will contain the online access code.

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The Rhythm Reader (Level 1) - Enhanced Teacher Edition
(w/ online digital student & audio access)
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