Noel Critter Motel, The

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Ruth Elaine Schram and Mark Cabaniss

It's not just another day at the Tiny Bit of Heaven Motel in Bethlehem (actually a stable behind a small inn), which is run completely by animals. Annie Lamb is a reporter for The Bethlehem Chronicle and snooping around for clues regarding Caesar's Census. However she, along with the others, is about to have a life-changing night. Major Moo runs a tip-top motel, accompanied by Miss Dovie (front desk clerk), Ladybug Lacey (maid), and Cecil R. Caterpillar (bellhop). The innkeeper is the only human that ever comes in among the animal visitors, but rumor has it he's bringing a human couple in to stay the night, and the animals are afraid they'll ruin everything! But they all eventually learn a certain "Stranger on the straw" came to earth to change the world, and that even people and things we don't understand can sometimes be miracles in disguise. (20 min., Grades K-6)

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The Noel Critter Motel - Director's Kit
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The Noel Critter Motel - CD Preview Pack
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