From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and John Higgins

A Musical Celebration Of Snow, Slush And Snirt!

Get ready to shiver, shimmy and shake! The North wind is starting to blow and temperatures are dropping to 10 below... zero, that is! A big blizzard is on the way as a cool bunch of jazzy, finger-snappin' snowflakes take center stage. What a glistening sight. Uh Oh! Here comes the snowplow!

Join the fun as the Flakes and Snirts help the Littlest Snowflake see how no two flakes are alike and we are all special in our own way. Celebrate winter fun with this clever 20-minute musical featuring five original songs and easy-to-learn rhyming dialog that will showcase your young performers. The enhanced Teacher's Edition/Singer CD-ROM includes piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, a helpful production guide with staging and costume suggestions, teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song, plus reproducible singer's parts on the enclosed CD-ROM. The Classroom Kit includes Teacher/Singer and Performance/Accompaniment CD for budget-saving value. Songs include:

  • Cold Snap
  • We're Flakes!
  • S.N.I.R.T.!
  • Nothing Special
  • One In A Million

(Grades K-3)

(Run time: 20 minutes)

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Flakes! - Classroom Kit
(Teacher's Edition/Singer CD-ROM & P/A CD)
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Flakes! - Teacher's Edition/Singer CD-ROM
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Flakes! - Performance/Accompaniment CD
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