Five - Fact Fun

From Lorenz

by Kris Kropff

A Quick Quiz Game For The Music Classroom

The five facts in the title of this engaging but simple game book are clues that are designed to reveal a musical word or term. A few students might know the word after the first clue ("Wynton Marsalis is a famous player of this instrument") or the second ("An ancient form of this instrument is a bugle"). By the fifth clue ("I am the smallest member of the brass family"), every hand should be in the air.

Read a few puzzles aloud as a review at the end of class, or reproduce and hand out a different puzzle to each student so that they can work on them independently. No matter how you use these facts, students are sure to have fun solving the puzzles. Topics include: instruments and families, musical styles, and classical and contemporary composer and performers. (Grades 3-6)

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Five - Fact Fun - Reproducible Workbook
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