Animals' Christmas Tree, The

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Andy Beck and Brian Fisher

A "Tree-mendous" Mini-Musical - For Unison And 2-Part Voices

When the animals of Winter Wood awaken to find that their favorite pine tree is missing from the forest, they join together and mount a grand search. Having no luck in the sky, the treetops, the briar, or the brook, Cardinal, Bear, Squirrel, and Deer eventually discover their precious pine displayed in the town square of nearby Merryville, just as the annual tree lighting celebration begins. They watch in wonder as the festive villagers decorate the tree, making it more beautiful than ever. The Mayor declares that he will plant a new tree in Winter Wood, and the animals vow to love and nurture the young sapling in order to give it back to the Merryvillians next Christmas. The enhanced Performance/Accompaniment CD includes reproducible PDF files of student parts and cover art. (Grades K-5)

(Run time: ca. 20 minutes)

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The Animals' Christmas Tree - CD Kit
(Teacher's Handbook & Performance/Accompaniment CD)
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From The Animals' Christmas Tree

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