Tutoring Tooters

From Norm Sands Publications

by Norm Sands

Many music teachers are responsible for hundreds of students. How do you grade them honestly when you only see them once or twice a week? Tutoring Tooters is the answer. With 48 reproducible pages, it helps you set up your own peer evaluation system for soprano or alto recorder. The process is simple: After teaching a note to your students, find the evaluation that corresponds to it. Review the evaluation process with your students (it's easy and instructions for the teacher are included). Students are grouped in pairs - one student is the tutor, the other is the "tooter." Pass out the photocopied sheets and collect the scores when the students have finished!

The book is designed to use with most beginning methods. Pages are available for BAG or CA beginners (EDC and FD for alto) all the way through intermediate study (with B flat and F sharp). The "tutor" sheets have delightful cartoon illustrations of the correct fingerings and the scoring method is simple for young students.

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