Can You Hear It?

From Abrams Books for Young Readers

by Dr. William Lach

Classical music is filled with unforgettable images. In this book, great examples of pictorial music are matched to masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. From "The Flight Of The Bumble Bee" to "The Four Seasons" to "Night On Bald Mountain," beloved music is illustrated by great works of art. And the text and accompanying CD urge young readers to listen for certain instruments. Can you hear the car horns honking, played by clarinets? Can you hear the horses' hooves, played by castanets? When each CD track is played, young readers will stop, look, and listen as never before.

This book/CD is perfect for an introduction to both music and art appreciation. The included CD features 13 short works and introduces kids to the orchestra and the instruments.

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Can You Hear It? - Book/CD
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