Word Wall Kit

From Themes & Variations

by Denise Gagné

The Word Wall Kit is a set of 100 musical term flashcards with definitions. The terms contained in the kit are those that are most commonly used in elementary music programs. The terms are sorted into categories such as dynamics, notation, and tempo. The categories are color coded and each word is numbered to help the teacher find specific words quickly. On one side of the flashcard the musical term is shown and the complete definition is given on the opposite side. There are two flashcards printed on each sheet of card stock. Simply cut them in half on a paper cutter and use! You can laminate the cards if you prefer, but they will be durable even without it.

Use them as flashcards, or use the cards to set up a musical word wall. Information on setting up word walls and photos of word walls are included in the kit.

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Word Wall Kit
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