Ujima - Let Us Work Together

From World Music Press/Plank Road Publishing

by Stan Spottswood

Ujima, or collective work and responsibility, is the third of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. In addition to solving our own problems, we need to see our brother's and sister's problems as our own. We can't turn our back and walk away from someone in need. This song inspires us to support each other and build strong communities together.

Two energetic interwoven voice parts, a meaningful "rap" section accompanied by piano, and a strong (but easy) percussion ensemble bring home the message of Kwanzaa Principle #3. (2-part treble or mixed, piano and simple percussion). (from Kwanzaa Suite)

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Ujima - Let Us Work Together - 2-Part with Piano & Percussion Choral
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Ujima (demonstration)

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