Love this publication! I have every issue from the past 27 years and can't wait for the new year. It's the best!

- Minnesota

Music K-8 is amazing!

- Ohio

I have every issue ever published! Love Music K-8!

- Kentucky

I love Music K-8!

- Arkansas

My students and I just love the songs from your magazine! I'm very happy that you have continued to give kids the songs that not only teach many different musical concepts or basic life manners or skills, but also are catchy and fun to sing and perform!

- Wisconsin

I can’t wait to begin working with your music again.

- Illinois

Your music is so stunningly beautiful, it boggles my mind.

- Illinois

I love the music and the support of the [’s] Mailing List.

- Pennsylvania

You make my job much easier! I don't know what I'd do without you!

- Pennsylvania

Receiving Music K-8 always brightens my day! Thank you for your creativity.

- Florida

You guys do such an amazing job!

- Iowa

Thanks for continuing to be a phenomenal resource for music educators!

- Iowa

I LOVE your magazine. You all are SOOOO creative! Thank you SO much!

- Florida

I've been using this company for years. And I think it's awesome!

- South Carolina

My kids have enjoyed every song in every issue [...of Volume 27]. First year they have come and asked specifically to sing. ... fantastic music!

- Arkansas

I LOVE @MusicK8Magazine. I can't imagine teaching (especially choir) without it.

- Twitter

Your music is inspirational.

- Illinois

I've been doing Christmas musicals for over fifteen years, and [How To Train Your Reindeer To Fly] may have been the best one yet. I had 3rd graders who were SO talented at delivering the lines and following directions. That, along with a clever script and fun music, makes it an awesome show to do.

- Nebraska

Wonderful source for music.

- Virginia

I had a group of kids sing “Lend A Helping Hand” and "We Appreciate You!" as part of a Thank You PTA meeting. The volunteers were so thrilled with your songs and our performance, they asked us to sing for two of their update luncheons at which they fed our ensemble (second and third graders). The power of music lives on! Thanks a million, Teresa, Paul, and everyone else on your amazing team!

- North Carolina

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