THANK YOU SO MUCH, Music K-8, for making my life so fun!

- Washington

My students and I LOVE your music!!!

- New York

I have bought many of your publications over the years. Music K-8 is a WONDERFUL resource for music teachers.

- California

Plank Road Publishing[’s web site] is the most organized and helpful resource ever! I am so grateful for you all!

- Nebraska

I am so grateful that [Plank Road Publishing has] taken the time to create such a wonderful web site. There are so many wonderful resources to use.

- Colorado

Your magazines and CDs are - hands down - the BEST resource I have as an elementary music teacher. I can't imagine teaching without your resources.

- Nebraska

[I] LOVE Plank Road Publishing! [It’s] my favorite place to shop for amazing music! THANKS SO MUCH!

- West Virginia

Music K-8 is my "bible" here at school. All of my repertoire comes from these magazines! They are great! By far the BEST resource...

- Connecticut

Thanks for being so dependable and consistently awesome, Music K-8! I couldn't do this job without you!

- Georgia

Your songs are so singable and catchy, yet they truly have musical integrity.

- Georgia

Plank Road Publishing, you never cease to amaze me.

- Virginia

What an extraordinary group! You are the best!

- New York

Plank Road [Publishing] Rocks!

- New Hampshire

You all rock! Thank you, not only for the best music in the world, but for being incredible people! One leads to another!

- Nebraska

You are a super team!

- Brazil

Plank Road Publishing is the BEST! Thank you for having the greatest customer service, along with the most wonderful children's music, in the whole world!

- Washington

I will always order from Plank Road Publishing first, given a real choice, because of its kindness to strangers.

- Arkansas


- New Jersey

I LOVE your company and your products. Excellent service is standard, and I can find fun, educational, and appropriate items for all of my students K-6. THANK YOU for providing great music at a great price!

- Missouri

I cannot imagine teaching elementary music without the resources of this amazing publication. Great creativity and ideas for successful programming. I love Music K-8!

- Nebraska

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