Issue Contents For Volume 24, Number 2


Articles from the Network section of Music K-8, Volume 24, Number 2.

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'Twas The Week Before Christmas

A second grade musical revue featuring several seasonal Plank Road Publishing songs

Concert poem

A short poem to open a concert

Where did you go?

A cross-curricular bulletin board idea noting teachers' and students' Thanksgiving holiday travel

Diabetes Awareness activities

Ideas from the American Diabetes Association along with Music K-8 songs make for engaging cross-curricular activities.

"Ode To Composers," simplified

Simplified lyrics for second and third grade students

Concert do's and don'ts

"Welcome To Our Special Show," concert etiquette song/rap to the tune of "School Is Coming To An End," from Music K-8, Vol. 18, No. 5

Winter Days Round

Song by Maria Lattimore Sheppard

The Santa Encounter

Musical revue incorporating several Music K-8 songs

Match The Melody

A Solfege Snowman musical bulletin board

Christmas Food

Song by Steven Vogel

"Holiday, Holiday" choreography

Mallet identification help

Instrument name labels with images of corresponding mallets

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