Issue Contents For Volume 22, Number 3


Articles from the Network section of Music K-8, Volume 22, Number 3.

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Polar Puppy shows a pawsitive attitude

A motto song to promote good habits, to the tune "Polar Puppy."

Finding directions in a song

Students take a walk through a song to familiarize themselves with it.

Writing a rap song

Writing a rap can help students learn a variety of subjects.

Music symbols New Years Resolutions bulletin board

New verse for Rap Of The Presidents

The multiples of eight

The song "I've Been Workin' On My 'Eight Times,'" to the tune "I've Been Workin' On The Railroad."

Welcome To Space

A play written to help a third grade class with their unit on outer space.

Program Closer

A closer to the tune "Enjoy The Show"

"Snow Is Falling" lesson plan

A snow themed music lesson for first grade classes.

Dynamics, tempo, and pitch posters

Includes a photo of the posters.

We are all leaders! bulletin board

A poem on teaching

"The Magic Of Teaching" by Kathleen Casper

"Snowy Winter Days"

A song by Steven Vogel

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