Issue Contents For Volume 22, Number 2


Articles from the Network section of Music K-8, Volume 22, Number 2.

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A new December program

A fresh, new first-grade program.

Reaching For The Stars In Recorder Karate bulletin board

"La Navidad" choreography

"An Autumn-ish Feelin'" parody

"I've Got A Holiday Feelin'!" to the tune "An Autumn-ish Feelin'"

It seemed like a good idea at the time

A really fun parachute activity leads to some unforeseen consequences.

Program introduction

A nice little rhyme to start your program off right.

"The Season To Be Singing"

A song by Steven Vogel.

A program for the winter holidays

A fourth- and fifth-grade holiday concert entitled Christmas In Any Language.

Kwanzaa parody

A song called "Kwanzaa" to the tune "Hip Hop Turkeys."

Hanukkah song

"Hanukkah Miracle" to the tune "Orange And Yellow And Red."

Climbing The Staff To Success bulletin board

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