Issue Contents For Volume 16, Number 4


Articles from the Network section of Music K-8, Volume 16, Number 4.

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"Let's Write About Composers" bulletin board

Musical scoreboard

Using note values to keep score.

"Play Fair"

A song by Connie Herbon

Green, Green, Green

A musical revue with a colorful theme. Performance notes are included.

Drum on a budget

How to make a nice sounding, inexpensive drum.

"It's My Book!" idea

Teach students to appreciate and learn from books - even if they can't read yet.

"The Irish Potato"

A song by Laura Dishong

"Whacky Showers" bulletin board

A whacky bulletin board idea using free materials downloaded from

Boomwhacker® cue cards

"Tambourine Kid" plus

Recorder worksheet

Use this reproducible to reinforce recorder fingerings, note names, and notation.

MIOSM bulletin board

A heartwarming bulletin board to celebrate Music In Our Schools Month.

Another MIOSM bulletin board

This one employs posters made by students.

World's Largest Concert idea

Keep track of songs performed

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