Issue Contents For Volume 13, Number 4


Articles from the Network section of Music K-8, Volume 13, Number 4.

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Shadow Puppets

Use this ancient theatre form to help your students express themselves artistically.

"I Am Planting Kindness"

Song by Rebecca Sturgis

Computers in the music classroom

Using presentation, word processing, desktop publishing and spreadsheet software to help teach music.

Musical math

John Williams bulletin board

Books and singing in Pre-K

"Man, I've Got Those Blues"

Recorder piece by Sonya Ash. Teaching ideas included.

Sing Into Spring!

An eclectic program addressing environmental protection, patriotism, achievement, and change.

Vivaldi quilt

Music symbol clues

Colored eggs for good behavior

A springtime classroom management tool.

Rock bulletin board

Teresa Jennings word find

"We Love To Read, Dr. Seuss"

To the tune "Grandma's Chicken Soup"

"Going To Neptune" movements

Dynamic megaphones

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