Issue Contents For Volume 12, Number 5


Articles from the Network section of Music K-8, Volume 12, Number 5.

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Patriotic quilts

Each student draws a small picture relating to a patriotic song.

More Boomwhacker® storage

Versatile cans

What to do with those empty coffee cans.

Management tips

Musical Four Corners game

Computer-generated bulletin board

Patriotic ribbon routine

Routine to go with "God Bless the U.S.A."

Third grade end-of-the-year program

"Music Fun": Script, props, and movement suggestions included.

Music puzzler

A fun, education puzzle that's easy to design.

Writing activity

Out of this world bulletin board

"Doodle-Doodle Doo"

A song by Dan Fee about (and including) kazoos.

Design your own instrument

Index extension

"Proud To Be An American"

A patriotic song by Connie Herbon.

Kindergarten end-of-the-year program

Script for a program featuring several great Music K-8 songs.

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