Hey Jack!

by Mike Wilson

Well, this is just a fun song for Halloween. Jack o' lanterns do have a bit of a morose history. Um… did we just say history? Sounds like a cross curricular opportunity here! Today's usage of Jack o' lanterns, however, is simple and innocent fun. Carving pumpkins has become somewhat of an art form and, with a nod to the art teacher in your school, perhaps a coordinated effort could provide some visual aids to your concert presentation of this song.

On our recording, we've combined loops, beats, and a rhythm section with funky brass. We topped it off with some spooky organ and a theremin, creating the backdrop for a lyrical theme of bravado toward the scary Jack o' lanterns guarding your neighbors homes against eager trick or treaters. The song is sung from the trick or treaters perspective to Jack.

Not a lot of choral pedagogy to glean, but being a rap style requires a bit of rhythmic discipline. It might look a bit challenging with the 16th note structure, but it is more likely this song will be learned from listening to the demo and imitating the approach. The idea is to give it a lot of attitude. Diction will be important so no mumbling allowed. Any aspiring choreographers in your choir could have fun with this, too.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.