Six More Weeks Of Winter

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

You would think after all this time, the groundhog would know that seeing his shadow on February 2 is just not a good idea. After all, if he does, there will be six more weeks of winter! At least! Why does he persist? We may never know. And so, we are compelled to keep singing about the little furball in the hopes that one day he'll learn his lesson.

This uptempo jazzy tune will give your singers a chance to scold and bemoan the situation. It's all unison and easy enough for younger grades, but fun enough for all nonetheless. Just the cookin' big band on the recording will get your winter weary wigglers moving to the tuneful lament.

Feel free to let them ham it up a bit. One great moment for the chance is when they sing, "No shadow!" The "No" is extended with a crescendo that you can encourage them to really emphasize for comedic effect.

If you're using this in a performance, bring out the winter hats and mittens for a bit of costuming drama as they sing. Add a bit of swaying and/or snapping in the chorus (starting in bar 27), and you have an instant production number.

This song includes a Diving Deeper Into The Music interactive learning assessment.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.