The Bunny Trail

by Teresa Jennings

Simply put, this unique tune tells a bunny tale about a bunny trail. Stylistically, it's a pretty cool blend of rock with a halftime hip hop groove. But the real fun comes from the western-ish elements, which kind of play off the whole "trail" theme.

As far as the story line goes, it really isn't terribly deep. Bunnies hop on the bunny trail. And apparently, they are compelled to do so: "Bunnies gotta do what bunnies gotta do." The joy of it is in realizing they are hopping to you! How perfect for your young ones.

Consider letting students hop or otherwise move at predetermined points in the music to add a little action to the story. For example, during the line, "Trail goes up, trail goes down," they could either point up and down, or they could get on their tiptoes for up, and bend their knees for down. Something simple like that. In a performance setting, the addition of bunny ears as costumes and possibly cotton ball tails would go a long way visually.

While this one is certainly useful for Easter or spring programs or classroom use, it's so much fun to sing, we encourage you to use it anytime a bunny mood hits.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.