Snowman, Where'd You Go?

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

What a mystery! The snowman was just there a while ago and now, he's gone. Where could he be? Your students will have fun with the "clues" to his disappearance – a sunny day, and a carrot on the ground. But of course, the real fun and humor come with the search. Add a few simple movements to exaggerate their efforts, such as looking up for "high" and looking down for "low."

The song is completely in unison, which means you can use it with a variety of class levels. The sleek, jazzy accompaniment on the recording will make any group sound cool. Adding the snaps will further enhance that factor, though they are optional. You can also use them more often than indicated, if you prefer. (As an extension with older students, consider playing the instrumental version so they can enjoy the nuances of the jazz ensemble performance. The countermelody in the winds at measure 9 on the D.S. is also particularly nice to listen to.)

In a performance setting, you might want to bring a visual element to the song by having someone dressed as a snowman appear, then "disappear," leaving behind obvious snowman-like parts, such as a top hat, lumps of coal, and yes, a carrot. The use of a puppet or stuffed toy snowman could also work. In any event, let the snowman dance around freely to the beat. Till the sun gets too hot, that is.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.