We're Not That Different

by Teresa Jennings

This simple, primary song is for your lower grades. It is the second song of the musical revue, Together. Unison parts make it easy to learn, and while the slow tempo may annoy your students at first (little kids don't usually like the slow stuff), they will find that it is plenty fast once they attempt the sign language. The signs are included with the lyrics on page 26. Go over them slowly with the students, then implement them into the song. They will enjoy it. Your audience will also enjoy it. Little children performing sign language as they sing a sweet song is a guaranteed winner. If you want to really tug at their heart strings, consider assigning parts of the song as solos or small groups of two or three. Use different singers each time. You might even spotlight a few kids for the sign language.

Things to discuss with your students:

  • The sentiment expressed in the song may seem obvious to some, but not so to others. Ask your students to talk about the meaning. (In the context of the musical revue, the song emphasizes our similarities. The subtle reference is that because we are so much alike, no matter who we are, we should be tolerant and understanding, not bigoted or prejudiced against each other.)
  • Listen to the solo instruments. Can your students identify them? (Flutes and violin. The violin is featured in this issue. If you discuss it, refer to the article on page 58 for more information. It is also pictured on the cover of this issue. Show it to your students for further discussion.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.