Cuando Brillen Las Velas

by Mike Wilson

Mike says he has always contended that using Spanish and English together makes learning these languages a bit easier. Accordingly, "Cuando Brillen Las Velas" is an easy unison Broadway show style tune using part Spanish, part English. Between the two languages, a descriptive song about Christmas emerges. It's another way to let music help bring learning across the curriculum! Supported by rhythm, brass, strings, and percussion, this bouncy song will get your listeners tapping their toes. Be sure your singers keep it light yet energetic.

The bridge offers an opportunity to focus on rhythm with some clapping. This also shows a little bit of action in performance. If you have percussion instruments, say, cowbell, clave, woodblocks, or tambourine, you can supplement the clapping and bring a little more variety to the song. For example, there are two sets of claps in the bridge. Split into two groups of percussionists and have group one play the first set of claps followed by group two playing the second set. Have both groups play the claps at the end.

If you need a little help with the Spanish, you can find a pronunciation guide on our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.