Blitzen's Boogie

by Teresa Jennings/arr. by Paul Jennings

This song is available as a single.

You ask us for variety, you get variety. Who can deny that a boogie woogie for a reindeer has just got to be one fun piece of music? Besides, it's about time Blitzen got some attention, we think.

Play the CD for your kids once, and they'll be singing it. What's more, we think they'll quickly latch onto the belting, the scooping, and the swinging. It just feels right. The kickin' big band in the background doesn't hurt either.

There's a section of the song dedicated to movement (measure 18). We suggest that you use this section to feature Blitzen himself (at least). There is a call and response going on between the singers and the band. You could have Blitzen freeze during the calls, and boogie during the responses. Or, just let him dance dance dance during the whole section. The most natural dance would be some type of twisting at the waist, but let him improvise, if he's inspired. Since you probably will have him adorned with antlers and maybe even a red nose (who says Rudolph has an exclusive on the nose?), any moves will be just fine, as long as he's groovin' to the music. Make sure you've got the volume turned up!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.