This Is Our World

by Teresa Jennings

It's probably unrealistic to think that if you did Every Day Is Earth Day or any of the environmental revues last year and really made a big deal of it that you would do the same thing this spring. By the same token, if you and your school really got into the spirit of Earth Day, you know that we have to keep teaching and reinforcing the concepts. With this in mind, we are bringing you some new ideas to keep the environmental determination alive.

First and foremost, you will find a new song, "This Is Our World," opening this issue. We're proud of it and hope that you will share it with your students. You can use it any of several ways. If you are one of the many schools that did Every Day Is Earth Day last year, you can use this song either by itself or in combination with favorites from the musical to commemorate Earth Day (April 22) this year.

If you are doing Every Day Is Earth Day for the first time, or if you are doing it again this year with different students or in different settings, "This Is Our World" can easily be worked into the musical. You could, for instance, use it just before the reprise of "Every Day Is Earth Day," or use it to replace this reprise, thus shortening the musical a bit.

"This Is Our World" will be its most effective if done as written, but it will work just fine by using Part I in unison.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.