The Me Song

by Teresa Jennings

When you hear this song, you may well wonder what we were thinking. Honestly, it just seemed like a song that needed to exist. And since everyone who has been a part of that existence has found it to be amusing, that seems to be enough of a reason. You could use it for your own amusement as well, or you could bravely program it, sharing the amusement yet more. And who knows? The not-so-subliminal message that this type of behavior is ridiculous might actually help.

The real fun comes from exaggerating the egocentric attitude while singing. (As if the words weren't enough.) Some movements to include might be kissing one's own hand, patting one's own cheeks adoringly, making "air" hearts, or other silly self-centered gestures. Using hand mirrors as props is also a naturally narcissistic, universally recognized symbol of vanity.

By the way, the word "glots" in measure 8 is our own abbreviation, and refers to making a glottal sound. Basically, it's re-attacking the vowel so that it does not sound like I-yi-yi.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.